Non-Compete Programs

Competing Programs (Ages 6 & up): Waterford Gymnastics Center offers competing programs in both the Xcel Training Program and the USAG Developmental Program.   

Our Xcel Program is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of Xcel is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience. The Xcel Program consists of 5 levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond). 

The USAG Developmental Program consists of compulsory levels 2-5 where everyone performs the same routines on all apparatus and Levels 6-10 where each athletes performs a unique routine consisting of specific skill requirements at their respective level. 

Team training requirements begin at 6 hours/weekly and increase as athletes progress through the levels.  

Class Programs:

We run 4 week sessions.  Each session is $75 (one class per week).  There is an annual registration fee of $25 per school year. You can drop at any time but you must notify us when you plan to take a break! All registration and tuition fees are non-refundable. Click the link to "register for classes" to view the class schedule and times. 


Busy Beez (Walking to Age 3):  Our Busy Beez class is a fun 45 minute parent-tot class where our instructors teach our parents how to help their children explore and learn fundamentals of physical fitness such as strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, communication, listening and socialization.

Wee Beez (3 & 4yr. Olds):  Our Wee Beez class is an hour long class where your child will go out in the gym independently with their instructor.  Wee Beez learn basic gymnastics progressions and skills, gross motor skill development, socialization skills and how to listen and follow class directions within a small group. We provide a fun and safe learning environment for your child to begin to develop confidence through our creative circuit based lessons.

Tumble Beez (5 & 6yr. Olds):  Tumble Beez classes offer a chance for increased learning of new skills and a chance to develop strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and a love of gymnastics movements all in a fun, safe and encouraging atmosphere.

Stingers (Ages 7 & up):  Stingers class is offered for boys and girls ages 7 & up beginner through advance ability levels to continue to build on progressions and learn new skills on our Olympic events.  Stingers progress at their own pace in a fun group class that improves strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Tumbling Class (Ages 6 & up):  Is your child a dancer, cheerleader, or just someone who wants to improve their tumbling abilities?  This is the class for you.  We offer Beginner tumbling classes for students ages 6 & up that are working on handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, bridge kickovers and back/front walkovers.  Intermediate/Advanced tumbling classes are for students that have mastered the beginner tumbling skills and are working on back handsprings, handsprings in series, tucks, layouts and twisting.

Non-Compete (Ages 6 & up): An opportunity for your child to advance their skills, strength and flexibility without the commitment and cost of being on a competitive team.   Non-compete offers extended hours, great scheduling and flexibility, and more advanced training on skills than what is offered through the class program.

Competing Programs


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